Why a property purchase consultant?

A property purchase consultant represents the interests of the home buyer. Want to find out what else he can do for you?

The Energy Label

An energy label is mandatory when selling your house. But what is an energy label and what does it say about the house?

Mortgage interest relief, the ins and outs!

What does mortgage interest relief mean for you and how can you take advantage.

National Mortgage Guarantee

How does the National Mortgage Guarantee protect you and what requirements do you have to meet?

Energy-neutral living

Genieten van alle luxe, zonder te betalen voor energie. Klinkt goed, maar hoe kun jij energieneutraal wonen?


The WOZ value is the value for the purposes of the Valuation of Immovable Property Act. What do you know about this?

Purchasing costs payable by the purchaser

If purchasing costs are payable by the purchaser, additional costs apply.

Provisional purchase contract

A provisional purchase contract sounds as if it is without obligation, but is it? We’ll explain all the ins and outs!

No additional costs payable by the purchaser

Purchasing a house at no additional costs payable by the purchaser.